Final Episode: Boston Butt

Final Episode:
Boston Butt

It’s the end of James and Sam’s epic journey, but they’ve saved the very best ’til last as they feast on kilo after kilo of juicy, smokey pulled pork. This primal cut is the king of pitmasters the world over – but fiendishly difficult to get right.…

Episode #16: The Grizzly Bits

Episode #16:
The Grizzly Bits

Waste-not-want-not! In the penultimate episode of The Aporkalypse Podcast, James and Sam samples sausages, pies and broths. Getting down and dirty with offal and offcuts – they’re on a grizzly exploration in to all things porky.…

Episode #15: We Ate 30kg Of Pork Leg

Episode #15: We Ate
30kg Of Pork Leg

Legs make up a third of a pig’s weight – and with 30kg to get through James and Sam embark on their most gluttonous culinary adventure yet. Recipes galore in this bumper episode.…

Episode #14: We Ate A Whole Pig Face

Episode #14:
We Ate A Whole

Pig Face

Yes, we ate a whole pig face for your listening pleasure. James and Sam gorge on head cheese, terrine and porchetta in a bumper episode about this taboo cut of pork. Mmmm… delicious.…

Episode #13: Trotters

Episode #13: Trotters

James and Sam dive feet first in to the gelatinous world of pigs trotters. The humble trotter is rarely seen on supermarket shelves but it’s an essential ingredient in delicious broths, pies and even beauty products. Yum yum.…

Episode #12: Loin

Episode #12: Loin

James and Sam eat 12kg of pure pork loin – searching for the ultimate balance of meat, fat and bone. This much misunderstood cut of pork is often used for chops, but with a little love and attention can be turned in to a showstopping meat feast.…

Episode #11: Baby Back Ribs

Episode #11:
Baby Back Ribs

James and Sam tuck in to two melt in the mouth racks of baby back ribs. In one of their weirdest culinary adventures yet, they stumble upon an ancient Ethiopian cooking style that transforms pork using an unusual ingredient – coffee.…

Episode #10: ! ! ! BRAINS ! ! ! (Christmas Special)

Episode #10: BRAINS ! ! !
(Christmas Special)

Ho ho ho! As 2020 draws to a close, James and Sam cook up a creamy and dreamy feast of scrambled eggs and pig brains in a very special live recorded Christmas episode of The Aporkalypse Podcast.…

Episode #9: Chump

Episode #9: Chump

‘Chump’ isn’t just a brilliant insult – it’s a fabulous lesser known cut of pork. Treated with care, chump can be a melt in the mouth culinary adventure topped by lashings of crispy crackling. In this episode, James and Sam find out how.…

Episode #8: Tenderloin

Episode #8:

Lean, delicious and – as its name suggests – tender, this oft neglected cut of pork is great for quick stir fries and last minute meals. James and Sam explore how to get the most bang for your buck from a pork tenderloin.…

Episode #7: Five Ways To Cook Pork Belly

Episode #7:
Five Ways To Cook Pork Belly

Belly is delicious in so many more ways than just bacon. Unctuous layers of fat and meat collide in James and Sam’s latest porky adventure. They explore all the different ways to get the most out of this fantastic cut.…

Episode #6: Crispy Pig Ears

Episode #6:
Crispy Pig Ears

In the West we use them as dog chew toys, but pig ears are considered a delicacy all over the world. James and Sam go in search of the ‘cartilage crunch’ in this much misunderstood part of the pig.…

Episode #5: Skirt – The ‘Secret’ Cut Of Pork

Episode #5:
Skirt – The ‘Secret’ Cut Of Pork

James and Sam sample an oft neglected cut of pork that’s seldom seen in supermarkets – ‘Skirt’. It’s packed full of flavour and moisture – so long as you’re prepared to eat it rare.…

Episode #4: Whole Salt Baked Pork Leg

Episode #4:
Whole Salt Baked Pork Leg

Sam and James undertake an epic culinary challenge – packing a 7kg pork leg in 3kg of coarse salt – as they prepare for the first meal with friends since the world went in to lockdown. …

Episode #3 – Ultimate Pork Chops

Episode #3:
Ultimate Pork Chops

Perhaps the most iconic cut of pork – the chop – goes under this microscope. This week James and Sam feast with a few friends to help decide how best to eat these much maligned but much underappreciated slabs of deliciousness.…

Episode #2: The Tail & The Snout

Episode #2:
The Tail & The Snout

This week James and Sam are quite literally nose-to-tail dining as they munch on a Japanese-Mennonite fusion recipe of crispy roast pigs tail and a snout slathered in a sweet and sticky star anise and soy glaze.…

Episode #1: Spare Ribs

Episode #1:
Spare Ribs

With an entire pig to eat, James and Sam kick off the very first episode of The Aporkalypse Podcast by tackling not one but TWO whole racks of pork spare ribs. But which rack will be tastier?…

Trailer: The Aporkalypse Podcast

Everyone has their own way of dealing with lockdown. Our was a pig called Bebop.

Bebop died on April 26th 2020 so that my girlfriend and I could live on pork to the end of the coronavirus crisis and hopefully beyond. …