Trailer: The Aporkalypse Podcast

Everyone has their own way of dealing with lockdown. Our was a pig called Bebop.

Bebop died on April 26th 2020 so that my girlfriend and I could live on pork to the end of the coronavirus crisis and hopefully beyond. 

Welcome to the Aporkalypse Podcast. We’re not professional chefs just two hungry people with a whole hog resting in pieces in our freezer. We’re sorting the prize hams from the hogwash, and pigging out out on all things porcine.

Every episode we’re brining, marinating, curing, searing, frying, roasting, braising and barbecuing a new cut of Bebop until such time is that there is no more pig left to eat.

Bebop may have already gone to the great big pigsty in the sty – but in death he’s saving our bacon with over 75 kilos of tasty meaty treats. Find out how on the Aporkalypse Podcast.

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